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Do I need to renew my VitalStim training? See our info graphic to find out.

VitalStim Renewal Information  

CIAO's Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy  

Print this form and fax to 850-916-8885 to register for VitalStim courses!

2018 VitalStim Registration Form  

Policy & Procedures for obtaining VitalStim Therapy Specialty Certificate

VitalStim Therapy Specialty Program Policies  

For a step-by-step guide on how to access your VitalStim Resources Library, please refer to .pdf

VitalStim Providers Resource Library  

Print this form and fax to 850-916-8885 to register for 2018 CIAO courses!

2018 CIAO Registration Form  

This is a list of VitalStim Instructor Bios as well as their financial and non-financial relationship disclosure statements.

VitalStim Instructor Bios  

Please print these instructions for the online course called MBS: The Clear Picture.

MBS Online Course Instructions


This form should be used if payment of a course will not be ready by the course date. If you are attending one of our courses and your facility is paying please have them download this form, copy and paste it on their letterhead, insert all pertinent information, sign and date and fax to us at 850-916-8885.

Letter of Guarantee  

Please click the M.B.C.T. Quiz link below to open and print the quiz if it was not included in your manual.

The quiz questions will be answered in an online poll. Do not answer ahead of time! The instructor will announce when the poll is open.
Save the following link on your computer or mobile device

M.B.C.T. Quiz - Live Stream Participants