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Performance Health Cramer Eco-Flex
Why am I not listed on the VitalStim Registry?
Payment Methods
How do I receive my Returning Customer Discount?
Mailing Address
Key Phone Numbers
Cancellation Policy
Non-Discrimination Policy
Privacy and Security Policy
When is payment required?
When will my refund appear on my online statement?
How do I get a course to come to my facility or area?
How will I know if a course is cancelled?
Do you send a confirmation of registration?
I need special accommodations. Who should I contact?
Is breakfast provided?
Is lunch provided?
Do I have to pay for parking?
What should I wear?
Will I receive my continuing education certificate the day of the seminar?
What happens if I leave early from or arrive late to a course?
I need a copy of CIAO Seminars' W-9 for my Accounting Office. How do I get that?
Will I automatically know if I have passed my online course?
How can I receive an official transcript of courses attended through CIAO?
CIAO Seminars Physical Address
What does CIAO stand for?
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