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    Pediatric Dysphagia - Is it Skill or Will?
    Building Social and Language Skills One Block at a Time
    Melodic Based Communication Therapy

    John Michael's Vitalstim Success Story
    A star Lacrosse player at Trinity Preparatory High School, 17 year old John Michael had just signed with Mercer University in Georgia after being awarded an athletic and academic scholarship. The week before Christmas 2015, everything changed for this All-American boy and his family. John Michael suffered a brain stem stroke while sitting at his desk in class...

Each year, CIAO puts together the most up-to-date tools and resources for treatment teams in various populations. Treating patients takes a passionate creative person. I understand that dedication. CIAO offers courses that keep therapists current, marketable and successful while giving each therapist the attention they deserve...all with Southern Hospitality.

I truly enjoy taking care of people who dedicate their lives to taking care of others. "Save the Therapists!"

- Lesley Mateer, President, CIAO

    Dysphagia Therapy: The New Generation
    Come learn about the new world of dysphagia therapy! This course will review the process of swallow from anticipatory phase through esophageal.

    Learn to Play the NDT Way
    This interactive basic level course for OT/COTA's, PT/PTA's and SLP's will emphasize treatment strategies to promote "natural ways to play" in the child with neurological involvement.

    Visual Processing
    School-based Therapists - this course is for you! Approximately one in four people has a hidden visual processing deficit that can cause physical symptoms as well as impact learning, memory and behavior.

    CIAO continues to be the exclusive provider of VitalStim Specialty Certificate and the leader in NMES for Dysphagia training.

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    Modalities for OT's; Physical Agent Modalities (PAMs) is designed to educate OT and COTA in the use of electro-physical agents in the areas of electrical stimulation...

    Myofascial Release
    One of our most loved courses!
    SLP's, OT's and PT's learn soft tissue and joint restriction techniques to address the abnormal swallow