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    Sign Up or Renew Live for the Revamped VitalStim Therapy Course!

    Exploring the Options. Mastering the Modality.

    Our revamped VitalStim Specialty Certificate (Adult Focus) will train you in the VitalStim Therapy approach and the new expanded DINES approach. This Specialty Certificate course is even better than before! (If that's even possible!!!)

    The VitalStim® Therapy and Beyond: DINES Specialty Certificate Program includes the online course, MBS - The Clear Picture (12 hrs) and the two day hands-on "VitalStim Therapy and Beyond" (16 hrs)

    *This is the Adult Focused course. The Pediatric Focused VitalStim Specialty Certificate course is now revamped and rolls out on Sept 13-14, 2019 in Michigan!


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    $100 Off ANY VitalStim/DINES Specialty Certificate Course Between April-Dec 2020!

    Fall into a great deal!

    Use Voucher Code FALL100 to get $100 off of ANY VitalStim/DINES Specialty Certificate Course scheduled between April - December 2020!

    New Placements New Parameters New Research
    New Protocols New Manual New Devices

    CE Credit: 28 TOTAL Contact Hours

    Offer expires Friday, November 22.
    First-Time attendees only.


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    Black Friday is Early!

    We couldn't wait!
    Get our Black Friday deals BEFORE you finish grandma's green bean casserole!

    VitalStim Online Renewal - Only $99!
    7.5 Cont. Ed. Hours
    Club CIAO - Only $99!
    Unlimited Annual Access
    25% Off All LiveStream Courses
    PLUS Extra Stuffing!

    Hurry up! Offer ends November 30.
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A Word From Our President

CIAO Studios is LIVE!
Since opening CIAO Seminars in 1999, I've always dreamed of bringing our courses to every therapist in the country and finally I can. CIAO is now offering live CEUs through live streaming! With the opening of our new facility, CIAO Studios, there is no need or added expense of travel. Registrants can take these courses individually from their own home or as a group within their rehab department. Each person will be able to interact with the instructor during the live event.

I truly enjoy taking care of people who dedicate their lives to taking care of others. "Save the Therapists!"

- Lesley Mateer, President, CIAO

  • VitalStim

    CIAO continues to be the exclusive provider of VitalStim Specialty Certificate and the leader in NMES for Dysphagia training.


  • PAMS

    Modalities for OT's; Physical Agent Modalities (PAMs) is designed to educate OT and COTA in the use of electro-physical agents in the areas of electrical stimulation...


  • Myofascial Release

    One of our most loved courses!
    SLP's, OT's and PT's learn soft tissue and joint restriction techniques to address the abnormal swallow


  • Dysphagia Therapy: The New Generation

    Come learn about the new world of dysphagia therapy! This course will review the process of swallow from anticipatory phase through esophageal.