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    NMES for Dysphagia Certification (NDC) Examination Prep Course

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    Appropriate Disciplines

    • Speech Language Pathologist
    • Occupational Therapist

Course Description

The NMES for Dysphagia certification and credentialing program was developed for the individual who completes a standard of education and experience in the treatment aspects of NMES for Dysphagia. Individuals who pass the certification examination will be granted the credentialing letters NDC – NMES for Dysphagia Certified (see here for more details).

Most candidates who attend this prep course will benefit from a thorough review of the key aspects of the use of NMES in the treatment of dysphagia before sitting for the exam. This preparatory course will help get you ready!


One-day live streaming workshop, 7 contact hours. Participants will view and listen to presentation utilizing their own computer. Opportunity to ask questions will occur at regular intervals during the course. Participants will ask questions in an online chat format. Answers will be provided publicly so everyone can benefit from them.


Course description

This one-day workshop will review the critical knowledge blocks covered in the NDC examination. The domains covered in the NDC exam:

  • Clinical Evaluation – The NDC clinician should be able to formulate a ‘working diagnosis’, a statement identifying the impairment(s) underlying the swallowing disorder.
  • Diagnosis – The NDC clinician should have a good working knowledge of the key diagnoses and impairments that are common in dysphagia patients.
  • Treatment Plan – The NDC clinician should be able to establish a treatment plan based on the evaluation findings. This plan should include elements that are relevant to the use of NMES: treatment frequency, electrode placement, etc.
  • NMES Competence – The NDC clinician should understand the working mechanism and theoretical rationale of using NMES for dysphagia and an appreciation for the various protocols that have been published in the peer-reviewed literature. This knowledge includes concepts such as waveforms, resistance to current, waveform parameters such as phase duration and frequency, physiological responses to electrical stimulation, and more. The NDC clinician should be cognizant of the evidence base informing the use of NMES in the treatment of dysphagia. This includes the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses of published studies and the ability to distill key findings from a first reading of a publication.
  • Combining NMES with Exercise Therapy - The NDC clinician should deliver the therapy safely, chooses electrode placements according to the evaluation results, establishes therapeutic intensity effectively and adjusts the therapy variables, delivers the bolus or oral intake to challenge the patient’s swallowing mechanism and instructs the patient in appropriate exercises while the NMES device is active according to patient needs.
  • Reassessment – The NDC clinician should be able to assess the patient response to the treatment and adjust treatment parameters accordingly. Such parameters include NMES protocol, frequency, phase duration, duty cycle, session frequency and duration, and more.
  • Ethics – The NDC clinician should be aware of the various ethical considerations surrounding the use of NMES in the treatment of dysphagia in the context of his or her practice act and location of practice.

The preparatory course will cover these domains in order. The topics will be introduced with sample questions. After each set of questions, a segment of live teaching and Q&A will summarize the information and clarify the key points to remember.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • List and define the domains covered in the NDC exam
  • List the key knowledge items in each domain
  • Recall key diagnoses and impairments common in dysphagia patients
  • Discuss elements relevant to the use of NMES such as frequency and electrode placement
  • Discuss how to identify strengths and weaknesses of published studies and distill key findings
  • Describe the working mechanism and theoretical rationale of using different NMES protocols in the treatment of dysphagia
  • Describe why and how to adjust NMES parameters
  • Discuss ethical considerations surrounding the use of NMES in the treatment of dysphagia
  • List the key candidate requirements to sit for the NDC exam
  • Access the follow up practice exams and support materials online

Yorick Wijting


Yorick received his Physical Therapy degree in the Netherlands and his DPT at the University of St. Augustine, Florida. He has extensive training and practical experience in biophysical agents and teaches nationally and internationally to medical professionals on their therapeutic use. Yorick has been instrumental in developing the use of electrical stimulation by Speech Language Pathologists in the treatment of dysphagia. Yorick currently lives in California and runs his private practice in Gilroy, CA.

Financial Disclosure: Yorick receives honoraria from CIAO Seminars for the presentation of his live course(s) and royalties for the sale of his recorded course(s). Yorick is the author and an instructor for the VitalStim Therapy Specialty Program.
Non-Financial Disclosure: no relevant relationships exist

Day 1

08:00 - 08:15
08:15 - 08:45
Clinical evaluation
08:45 - 09:30
09:30 - 10:00
Treatment plan
10:00 - 10:15
10:15 - 11:45
NMES competency and evidence
11:45 - 12:30
12:30 - 01:30
Combining NMES with exercise
01:30 - 02:00
02:30 - 03:00
02:30 - 02:45
02:45 - 04:00
Exam Practice
04:00 - 04:15
Wrap up and Questions

Delivery VIA:

  • Live Stream - This course is offered from our Live Stream studio. Watch and interact with the instructor from wherever you are or join us as part of the studio audience in sunny Gulf Breeze, FL.

Contact hours pre-approved for:

  • 7 Hours
  • CIAO is an ASHA Approved Provider #AAWA (0.7 ASHA CEUs) bubble sheet submission required
  • CIAO is an AOTA Approved Provider #4119 (0.7 AOTA CEUs)
  • This course meets PDU requirements for NBCOT (7.0 PDUs)
  • CIAO is authorized by IACET to offer 0.7 CEUs for this program
  • As an IACET Accredited Provider, CIAO offers CEUs for its programs that qualify under the ANSI/IACET Standard
  • 8 Hrs. OT/COTAs in FL (CE Broker #20-759236)

Contact hours applied for:

  • OT/COTAs in CA

This course is offered for 0.7 ASHA CEUs (Advanced level, Professional area).

The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA.

CIAO Automatically reports to CE Broker for Florida Occupational and Physical Therapists and Assistants. Florida SLPs can either use the ASHA CE Participant Form (Bubble Sheet) or self-submit through CE Broker.

CIAO is recognized on the NBCOT Provider Registry (meets PDU requirements for NBCOT)


This is a new course, there are currently no reviews. Please check back. Thank you and have a great day, CIAO!