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    Apps: Innovating Adult Treatment    SNEAK PEEK

    Apps: Innovating Adult Treatment

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    Appropriate Disciplines

    • Speech Language Pathologist

Course Description

The world is more distant yet digitally connected than ever before. Technology has become our key to household management, social contact, entertainment, and adapting our occupations. The Pew Research Center indicates that U.S. Smart Phone users have increased from 35% in 2011 to 81% in 2019. Fifty percent of Americans possess a tablet and 75% own a computer or laptop. Immediate access to technology allows for a more efficient process but is often overwhelming. Knowledge, time, and experience helps to ease comfort with device, program, and application use. With more access, usability, and familiarity, use of technology in therapy correlates with functional utilization. As the Speech-Language Pathologists' (SLP) goal is to improve client outcomes and quality of life, apps and programs can encourage increased frequency of practice and innovate the care we provide. This intermediate level presentation has organized the research, benefits, and limitations of technology utilization in various areas of our practice. Specific applications and programs are reviewed to increase the familiarity and knowledge of the evidence-based software options available to enhance SLP service delivery. The seminar serves as an instant resource to improve SLP clinician comfort and expertise in software management while providing useful tools and guidance to integrate technology as a treatment modality.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define technology behaviors and introduction into treatment
  • Discuss the considerations for technology appropriateness in therapy
  • Evaluate important ethical considerations and security precautions for technology utilization in therapy
  • Identify evidence-based apps and programs specific to the scope of practice in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Demonstrate ways to integrate technology and document application in therapy

Amanda Santarlas


Amanda Santarlas, MBA, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, is the Speech-Language Hearing Clinic Director and an Instructor at La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA. Amanda received her Master of Science degree in Speech Language Patholgy from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.
She has worked in various settings, including acute hospital, acute rehabilitation, subacute rehabilitation, outpatient and private practice throughout the Northeast region of the United States. Amanda’s specializations include swallowing and neurological rehabilitation for the adult population. She became a VitalStim Provider in 2008 and joined the elite group of VitalStim/DINES Instructors in 2020. She has maintained the Board Certification in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders since 2012. Amanda is a lifelong learner who has consistently earned the Award for Continuing Education from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association over the past 17 years. She loves to pass on that knowledge to others to maximize patient rehabilitation success by improving quality care. When she isn’t learning, teaching, or providing therapy, Amanda relishes in travel to new locations, trying different cuisines, taking time for Pilates, and cuddles with her dog, Churro.

Financial Disclosure: Amanda receives honoraria from CIAO Seminars for the presentation of live courses and royalties for the sale of her self-study courses.
Non-Financial Disclosure: Amanda uses VitalStim Therapy in her practice.

Day 1

08:00 - 08:10
Intro, Disclosures, Objectives
08:10 - 10:10
Technology Behaviors, History, Popularity, Appropriateness, Ethics and Security
10:10 - 10:25
10:25 - 12:10
Introduction to Apps & Evidence-based Research (Language and Motor Speech Apps)
12:10 - 12:40
12:40 - 02:45
Introduction to Cognitive Linguistic Apps, Voice Apps, Swallowing apps
02:45 - 03:00
03:00 - 03:40
Integrating Technology into Therapy, Documentation and Goals
03:40 - 04:00
Conclusion and Q&A

Delivery VIA:

  • Live By Request - This course is available to come to you! Contact us to see how easy that can be. mail@ciaoseminars.com
  • Live Stream - This course is offered from our Live Stream studio. Watch and interact with the instructor from wherever you are or join us as part of the studio audience in sunny Gulf Breeze, FL. Included with each Live Stream registration is access to the course recording for the 14 days immediately following the broadcast.

Contact hours pre-approved for:

  • 7 Hours
  • CIAO is an ASHA Approved Provider #AAWA (0.7 ASHA CEUs) bubble sheet submission required

This course is offered for 0.7 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area)


Amanda was a great presenter. Also, the course material was organized and easy to follow. I would love to participate in other courses given by her (perhaps in areas of dysphagia and cognitive rehabilitation). She seems to have extensive experience with mild TBI patients/clients. I think she has a lot of great information to share about this population.

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2021

Overall, I felt the presentation was good. I learned about a variety of apps that I can now use with my patients' treatment plans and I can also educate my SLP colleagues about these apps in my DOR role. I liked the evidenced based practice angle as well. One recommendation I do have: I would have preferred the course presenter to demonstrate some of her preferred apps, in place of the down time, where we had to find and practice apps based on the case studies. The case studies were certainly beneficial and allowed for creative thinking. But, it would have been nice to see a live demo of some of the app products. Thank you again for putting together this informative course!

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2021

I liked the sounds of speech app from uiowa. It had a nice lateral view of the oral cavity for sound productions. Amanda was an excellent presenter. Easy to listen to and follow.

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2021

Excellent course and super helpful! I am so excited to have this long list of apps organized by treatment area to trial and recommend with my patients. If it is possible to find a way to screen share in a presentation, I think it could be helpful to demonstrate within the course what using some of the apps looks like, rather than having us look at tutorial videos on the app store during breaks.

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2021

This was a great course, very interesting and energizing. I also appreciate the extensive reference list. ( an aside...Darren Daulton passed away a few years ago. I knew him since he had been married to my best friend's daughter. He has 3 amazing and beautiful kids! He certainly was a Phillies Fav. )

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience , FL / Mar 2021

One of the best presenters I’ve seen in a long time.

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience , FL / Mar 2021

This was an excellent course!!!!!Very informative. Thank you Amanda.

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience , FL / Mar 2021

Good course, thank you

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience , FL / Mar 2021

It was great to have a course with new information. I've been a SLP for over 30 years and it's hard to find interesting courses. This was was!

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience , FL / Mar 2021