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    Trach and Vent Specialty Course for SLPs

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    Appropriate Disciplines

    • Speech Language Pathologist
    • Speech Language Pathology Asst

Course Description

There are two ways to participate in this live stream event (BOTH count as LIVE Continuing Education!):

  1. as part of the LIVE STUDIO audience in Gulf Breeze, Florida - Studio audience seats are limited - so register today!
  2. via LIVE STREAM around the world - Live stream participants will login to access the event from their computer and interact with the instructor.

Course time: 8:00 AM Central (9:00 AM Eastern; 6:00 AM Pacific)

Improve your knowledge base and skills with tracheostomy and ventilator dependent assessments and treatment approaches. Whether you are currently working with tracheostomy and ventilator dependent patients or if you would like to develop the knowledge and skills for this specialty, this course is for you! The course material will include types of tracheostomies, speaking valves, and treatment strategies to help your patients wean off the vent and successfully decannulate. Therapists working with patients with trachs and vents can be challenged with getting instrumental assessments, choosing treatment strategies, and communicating the role of the therapist for this unique population to multidisciplinary teams. This course will present the physiological and structural changes of the trachea following a tracheostomy. It also offers guidelines and treatment strategies to initiate po intake and achieve voicing using speaking valves. Participants will walk away with new ideas and understandings ready for tomorrow.

Course Disclosure: This is an intermediate course, and basic knowledge of dysphagia and voice therapy is required.

Course Level: Intermediate

Assessment Methods: Q&A, Self-Assessment on Evaluation
For events that are Live Streamed, the streaming participants will verify attendance through codes given throughout course and complete a multiple choice quiz (80% passing score) and evaluation at the end

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define guidelines related to trach and vents
  • Identify anatomical structures and physiological changes after a tracheostomy procedure
  • Explain how ventilators work, their settings, and alarms
  • Assess patient candidacy for cuff deflation and speaking valve trials
  • Summarize about guidelines for high flow oxygen
  • Consider and recommend treatment protocols to include humidification, pharmacology, modalities, exercises, and diet modifications, and Evans Blue Dye Tests
  • Develop treatment strategies for successful outcomes for your patients

Lubna Nabulsi


Lubna Nabulsi is a Speech-Language Pathologist that has been practicing in Skilled nursing rehabilitation for 20 years. She graduated with her Masters in Speech-Language Pathology from Towson University in Baltimore Maryland. Prior to becoming and SLP, Lubna was a Medical and Research Technologist working at University of Maryland Hospital Immunology Department. This created a unique knowledge of overall medical pathology and how it related to disease and disorders that affect swallowing. Lubna is currently the Senior SLP at Futurecare Health and Management. Lubna developed a successful inhouse FEES program at all Futurecare skilled nursing facilities., and in the past 10 years has trained over 20 SLP in FEES instrumentation and competency.

Financial Disclosure: Lubna receives honoraria from CIAO for the presentation of her live courses and royalties for the sale of her online courses.
Non-Financial Disclosure: There are no non-financial relationships to disclose.

Day 1

08:00 - 09:00
Basic anatomy and physiology review before and after a tracheotomy procedure
09:00 - 10:00
All about tracheostomy tubes, trach set up, and ventilators
10:00 - 10:15
10:15 - 11:30
Infection Control
11:30 - 12:00
Speaking valves and cuff deflation
12:00 - 12:30
12:30 - 01:30
01:30 - 01:45
01:45 - 03:00
Treatment strategies and outcomes
03:00 - 04:15
Laryngectomies and TEPs
04:15 - 04:30
Questions and Answers

Delivery VIA:

  • Live Stream - This course is offered from our Live Stream studio. Watch and interact with the instructor from wherever you are or join us as part of the studio audience in sunny Gulf Breeze, FL.

Contact hours pre-approved for:

  • 7.5 Hours
  • CIAO is an ASHA Approved Provider #AAWA (0.75 ASHA CEUs) bubble sheet submission required

This course is offered for 0.75 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area)


"Best course I have ever taken!!"

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2020

"Lots of great information! I would love a full class focusing more on evaluation and treatment (kind of like a part 2 of this class), maybe including videos of evaluation, troubleshooting, etc. Great job overall and thank you for taking the time time answer everyone's questions!"

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2020

"Lubna was very well-spoken, knowledgeable, and kind. She communicated course content in a smooth and detailed manner and fielded all questions thoroughly. The moderator was professional. "

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2020

"I was very pleased with the set-up of this course. Lubna is extremely knowledgable, and I am a stronger clinician after completely this course. I would love to see CIAO offer additional trach/vent courses in the future."

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2020

"Excellent presenter & presentation! Will recommend to my colleges."

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2020

"Speaker is knowledgeable"

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2020

"Excellent presentation and so much valuable education"

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2020

"Lubna, your compassion and skill are a winning combination. Thank you for sharing all you know on this topic. It was a fantastic course!"

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2020

"Wonderful speaker with great experience. More time would have been great for breaking down parts of trach, tracheostomy and especially treatment modalities for trach - vent pts."

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2020

"great course "

- Live Streaming or Studio Audience, FL / Aug 2020