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To my fellow therapists:

Twenty one years ago, I started CIAO Seminars during another challenging time in the health care industry. My mission then was to take care of my fellow therapists. Today, amidst this COVID-19, I am still guided by the same mission. 

I want to continue to help you help your patients. These times call for creativity! We have developed a modified plan: 
  1. Home Button - for non-VitalStim courses: live stream courses; online courses; a course on tour; or CLUB CIAO, our annual all-you-can-eat buffet of online courses. (Remember Club CIAO Members get 25% off of all live stream courses!)
  2. VitalStim/DINES Therapy through May 3rdsign up for New Orleans, Philadelphia, Denver, or San Diego, Orlando, and Chicago. Participants in these cities will attend Day 1 via Live Stream and complete their Specialty Certificate competencies by attending Day 2 at any city on the VitalStim calendar. We will announce the rescheduled dates for Day Two in these cities soon.
  3. VitalStim/DINES Therapy after May 3rdthese events remain as scheduled!
CIAO will continue to monitor the situation and will do everything possible to  keep you in top training form be it on site or streaming or online. (Imagine Rocky Theme here...one handed push-ups and all!)

 - Lesley Mateer, Owner CIAO Seminars